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What Is The Perfect Golf Set Up For Clean Crisp Golf Wedge ShotsWhen you set up to the golf ball to hit any golf shot, you are best to set up in a manner to help you achieve the desired positions during the golf swing. You want your set up to help you and not hinder you.

When playing a wedge shot, you want to achieve a couple of important factors when you strike the golf ball.

  • A ball then turf contact
  • A slightly descending strike on the ball

To achieve these two factors, you need to set up with the ball central in the stance with your feet slightly closer together than a full swing, being around hip width apart. Feel like your weight is favoring your target side leg with 70% of your weight favoring this side. The handle of the club should be slightly in front of the club head. Setting up in this manner will help you achieve the desired strike of ball then turf in order to hit those clean, crisp wedge shots.

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By setting up with the golf ball back in your stance towards your rear foot, you are encouraging a really steep and low flighted wedge shot. The problem with playing wedge shots with too much of a descending blow is that the club to ball contact has to be near perfect or a fat or thin strike will be produced.

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By setting up with the golf ball too far forward towards your front foot when playing wedge shots will encourage the club to bottom out too early during the swing. Early bottoming out of the club head is likely to result in the club making contact with the ground before the golf ball and produce fat and thin strikes.

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Many people set up in the fashion of the ball back in their stance and their weight favoring their rear leg. They know they want a ball before ground contact but also want to hit the ball high. They have learnt to hang back on their rear leg and scoop the ball in the air. This scooping is ineffective in producing clean, crisp wedge shots.