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What Is A Flat Golf Swing? How Can I Correct It?A flat golf swing occurs when a player moves the club too low around the body during the back swing.

Players who swing the club flat often have to deal with a number of ball flight issues from hooks to pushes to even the dreaded shank shot. There are a number of different reasons why a golfer would swing flat as well as several possible cures. First of all, golfers need to understand what they are looking for in an on plane golf swing.

Key back swing positions

  • The initial move away from the ball should be long and low keeping the club low to the ground and extending the arms
  • If you are successful, halfway back, your club shaft should be parallel to the ground and the club should be extending straight back parallel with the target line
  • When viewed from behind the toe of the club will point up at the sky and be in front of the hands
  • From the halfway back position the wrists hinge upwards. This hinge, or cocking, of the wrists makes the club shaft point at the sky, this will set you up for the final stage of the back swing
  • When the wrists turn the shoulders, bring your left shoulder underneath your chin and turn your back to the target
  • A successful turn will see your left arm sit across the shoulder line at the top of the swing completing an on plane back swing

A flat swing will occur if the hands, arms or club in any of these three positions swing inside the body. A great drill to use if struggling with a flat technique involves practicing swinging with your normal posture but with your backside up against a wall. If the club swings quickly on the inside the club will clip the wall. Swing slowly and with old clubs when using this drill!

Golfers looking to fix a flat back swing should try and hit key positions during the back swing.

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The opposite end of the spectrum from a flat swing is an upright swing. An upright swing occurs when the club lifts up on the outside and high above the head.

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A flat swing does not relate to a “flat” pace. Often people who take the club away from the ball very quickly move it inside the body and on a flat plane. Concentrate on taking the club away low, slow and straight back.

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Players need to resist the urge not to turn the shoulders when swinging slightly flat. This will cause a big loss in power. Lift the arms higher but complete the shoulder turn.