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What Are The Key Impact Check Points To Hit Sweet Hybrid Golf ShotsThe impact area is one of the most important aspect of all golf shots. The best players in the world all have differing swings but once they get to impact, they all look very similar. You will not see a tour player with their weight on the back foot, or their hands behind the ball at impact, scooping it skywards.

Some may differ in terms of hip turn through impact due to flexibility issues but nowadays most top golfers are athletes and have the core strength to achieve what they want to with the swing.

What the average club golfer needs to look for is the three key areas to make their impact, ball striking and shot trajectory more consistent:

Hands ahead of the ball at impact
Weight on the left side
Hips rotated to the left of the ball

The hands being ahead of the ball at impact encourages the dynamic loft to be lower which will result in a lower ball flight that can penetrate through the wind and also create enough spin to stop on the green.

The players weight needs to be on the left side of the body at impact because it is this movement from the top of the back swing which helped increase the down swing speed to create extra lag and deliver more club head speed into the ball. The body weight being on the left side encourages a steeper angle of attack which relates nicely to ball striking and aids the hands in getting ahead of the ball.

The hip rotation during the back swing is a key fundamental which players of all levels work on improving. It is an area which initiates the down swing and internally transfers the weight to the left side in time for impact. It also pulls the upper body down towards the ball and allows the hands to stay ahead of the ball at impact.

Depending on the club being used, the players left side should be in a straight line with the leg, left arm and golf club all slightly ahead of the ball.

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If a golfer leans back on any golf shot, they are more likely to catch the ball thin, top it or even miss it completely. The player moving away from the ball in the lead up to impact will not enable sweet strikes unless the player does strike it well, but then the ball will fly with a higher trajectory resulting in loss of distance.

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The ball position with a hybrid should be just forward of centre but not as far as where a driver would be placed. The club is too long to have in the back of the stance. It creates an angle of attack too steep where the ball striking would be hindered.

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The positioning of the right foot is only relative to the positioning of the hips and weight at impact. If the right foot is fully on to the toes, this could actually mean the hips have turned too much or depending on the angle of the foot, they may have not turned correctly.