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What Are The Key Movements For My Right Arm During The Golf SwingIf you are a right handed golfer you actually need to be more dominant with left arm for the majority of your golf swing. This can seem counter intuitive that when you play right handed your dominant arm is your left but it is correct.

Your right arm remains extremely passive throughout your back swing and for the majority of your down swing. It is only through impact and into your follow through that you use your right arm to generate club head speed as the club head strikes the golf ball.

As you address the golf ball ready to make your swing, your right arm should be very relaxed, and bent at the elbow so that your elbow folds in towards your torso. You need to make your back swing from your left side and your right arm remains passive throughout the back swing action. It remains bent at the elbow, with the elbow pointing downwards. Just ensure that you maintain the gap between your left and right forearms as your arms swing back away from the golf ball. At the top of the back swing, your right elbow should be pointing at the ground and your right forearm should be vertical and directly underneath the handle of the golf club.

To instigate your down swing, you should pull the club down with your left arm, again with your right arm remaining very passive. Your right elbow should move back down towards the right side of your torso as your left arm pulls the handle of the golf club down. It is not until the shaft of the golf club becomes parallel to the ground at around hip high that your right arm becomes involved. From this position, your right arm now acts as a lever, extending through impact and generating maximum speed in the movement of the club head through the golf ball. The right arm explodes as it extends through impact into the follow through and then once it is around chest high, it relaxes again and bends at the elbow as the club wraps around your body in its finish position.

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Using your right arm to pull the golf club back away from the golf ball on your back swing will result in your arms pulling apart during your back swing and therefore losing their relationship to each other. This will now give you down swing issues, so for consistency, use your left arm to swing the golf club away from the golf ball.

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If you keep your right elbow bent through impact, you will not hit the golf ball as far as you potentially could. When your right arm extends through impact it explodes the club head through the ball at maximum speed which produces long golf shots. Keeping your right elbow bent would result in a much lower club head speed through impact and therefore shorter golf shots.

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If your right elbow angles upwards towards the sky at the top of your back swing, you have a flying right elbow. This causes a variety of issues on your down swing as you try to correct the position and get your right elbow back into a position where it angles downwards. For consistency, keep your elbows close together and your right elbow bent and pointing downwards at the ground.