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What Are The Key Check Points In My Set Up When Golf PuttingMaking sure that you are in your best set up position is vital to achieving a successful outcome in any golf shot, and when it comes to putting, this is no different.

l outcome in any golf shot, and when it comes to putting, this is no different. Even though everyone is different and their set up position will be a little different, there are still some constants that should remain in order to be a good putter. Lets take a look at these constants that you need to mould into a pre-shot routine if you are to give yourself the best shot at holing your putt.

First, you need to align your body with your shoulders, hips, knees and feet all square to your aim line. Some of you may have your feet a little open to the aim line. This will only work for you as long as your forearms are square to your aim line.

You are in a position to set your putter face square to your aim line, and one of the two biggest keys to check is if the putter face is right in the centre of your stance. This allows you to strike your putts ever so slightly on the up, just enough to start your ball rolling as quickly as possible and with the optimum amount of forward roll.

Next comes the second key point to check, where you have your eye line positioned. The perfect place is to have your eyes directly above your aim line. This is so that your view is all the way along the line that you intend your putt to take.

Keep your shoulders and elbows nice and relaxed, the shaft of your putter leaning ever so slightly forward of your ball. You are in a great position to strike your putts more solidly, and more importantly, on the line you intended to hit your ball along.

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The more your eyes are looking inside the line of your putt, the greater the chance that you could miss it. With your eyes in this position, it will look like your target is slightly further to the low side, and as a consequence, you will automatically aim further to the high side of the putt.

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As much as you want to strike your putt on the up to start it rolling as soon as possible, hitting it too much on the up will have a disastrous effect. As the ball settles into the ground when its stationary, if you hit up too much, the excessive degree of top spin with cause your ball to bounce for a longer period at the start of the stroke.

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If your elbows are bent outwards too much, you will create an issue in trying to keep the putter head flowing straight back and straight through. Instead you will find the putter face starts to close too soon and the putter face looks too closed through impact, leading you to miss putts on the low side.