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What Are The Best Reasons To Trial Hybrid Golf ClubsHybrids are still relatively new to the market and golfers globally are now starting to warm to them and their uses on the course.

Gone are the days of the 1 and 2 irons on the golf course, and in the bags of the best players in the world even the 3 and 4 irons are now quite chunky in head size or have been totally replaced by hybrids on the tour circuits.

Hybrids make the game of golf much easier and enjoyable. They are often used to try and make up for the lengthening of golf courses by helping the 3 and 4 irons go further. If a tee shot catches the rough, the player doesnt need to pull a 7 or 8 iron to advance back on to the fairway, the hybrid can help in the recovery of the ball from the rough.

Every manufacturer now makes hybrids and some even make full sets of clubs made up of hybrid clubs and the heads of the hybrids now come in different shapes, colors and lofts. Each manufacturer believes their shape of head is the best for either cutting through the rough or using it on both fairway and tee. The consumer needs to determine if they want the club for tee shots, fairways, the rough or all three and then in what loft. Does the player decide to get a loft in between a 3 and 4 iron to save buying two hybrids and free up space for an extra wedge?

These dilemmas will help make the players bag more adaptable to the golf course they are playing. For example, a links golfer may go for a 2 iron replacement or a parkland course member may choose to have 3 hybrids in the bag for high long ball flights with softer landings than that of an iron.

The choice of a hybrid should not be taken lightly so assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current bag and figure out where you would use a hybrid and for what distance, whether it be for a 2nd shot on a par 5 or many of the par 4 tees.

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Hybrids were initially introduced as game improvement clubs for those who couldnt hit the longer irons in a standard set of clubs. Over time, they have evolved into a vital part of a players bag and can help with all aspects of the game, including chipping!

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Hybrids can potentially go further than your irons because they have graphite shafts which are lighter and help produce more speed through impact and they have bigger heads which allows for more and better distributed weight.

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Hybrids themselves are not inconsistent. The player is more likely not to like a club because the hybrids make up does not suit the players game, shot shape or distance. All hybrids offer different alternatives to the next so test a good range before committing.