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Should I  Practice My Golf Putting With Just My Weaker HandNot only is putting a mini game within the game of golf, but the skill set required to be consistently successful needs to be learned and continually practised.

One of the most important areas that you should continually work on is developing the directional control with your lead hand. For the majority of golfers, this will mean that you need to work with your weaker hand as most golfers whether right or left handed will find that their trail hand is their most dominant.

As your trail hand and for most golfers the dominant hand contains all of your feel, it is essential that you hit putts with just this hand. You will improve your feel for the speed required to control your distance, but your lead hand and normally weaker hand controls the direction of your putts and means it is essential that you regularly practise with just this hand as well.

A fantastic practise drill to improve your weaker hand is to take four balls and a couple of alignment sticks or canes to the practise green. Find as straight a putt as you can on the green and place your alignment sticks half way between your target and your ball making sure the sticks are only as wide as your outer head.

Take your usual set up and when youre ready to hit your putt, take your trail hand and place it into your pocket. Make a putting stroke, feeling that the back of your lead hand is pushing the ball towards your target and through the sticks to your target (it doesnt have to be a hole). Repeat this drill until you can comfortably hit your ball through the sticks every time. Narrow the gap of your sticks and keep hitting putts through towards your target.

When your feel comfortable enough to hit your ball through the narrower gap without it touching either stick, you can then move your sticks and try holing puts with both hands on the handle from five feet, then keep moving back every time you hole out your four putts. The more often you practise this drill, the more control you will have over the direction you hit your putts.

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As the dominant force, your trail hand will potentially flick your putter head through impact causing you to lose speed control and/or directional control too, so the negative effect of your dominant hand needs to be controlled by your weaker hand staying firm to direct your ball along your aim line.

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Practising your stroke with both hands on the club is vital to your success on the greens so you can trust all of the hours you have grooved your stroke when it really matters. If you dont develop your directional control and your feel then your stroke will never consistently stand up to the pressure you put on yourself.

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If you want to improve your speed control then practising with just your weaker hand on the club is the wrong way to go about it. This is because all of your feel comes from your most dominant hand, just like if you were to throw a ball, and your distance control would be far better with your dominant hand.