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Answer Should I add a lob wedge to my set

Once an exotic club carried by a few forward-thinking pros, the lob wedge is now a common weapon among a wide range of golfers. Dont have one? Get one.

The lob wedge takes its name from the high degree of clubhead loft – most often 60°, but available in 64° (and higher) models. As the highest lofted club in golf, its the best choice for hitting extremely high “lob” shots which travel a very short distance and land very softly on the green.

Whether played from fairway or rough, the lob is just one shot made easier by the lob wedge. Because the clubs sole has less bounce than the average sand wedge, its suitable for shots from firm turf or even hardpan. (A sand wedge will sometimes skip off these surfaces and cause a thin shot.) Its also handy in hard, compacted sand, or when you need to play a bunker shot over a steep bank.

In summary, adding a lob wedge will make you more versatile in the short game. It will improve your play from farther afield, too.

Depending on your strength and swing, you might hit a lob wedge anywhere from 50 to 100 yards with a full swing. Lets say you max out at 60 yards. Not only will you have the perfect club for that distance, youll find it much easier to control a lob wedge than, say, a sand or gap wedge from 30 – 50 yards. Youll also be able to pitch the ball over nearby trees, boulders and other obstacles when needed.

Still not sure the lob wedge is for you? At the bottom of this page youll find several tips for using these magic wands to their full potential. The lessons make a pretty compelling case.

Long story short: A lob wedge can make you a better player. Here are a few tips that illustrate the clubs utility:

How to Get the Most from Your Lob Wedge

How to Hit a Lob Wedge from a Tight Lie

Lob Wedge a Versatile Club for Many Different Shots

Tips to Turn Your Lob Wedge into a Weapon

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Certainly, no amateur should expect to master the lob wedge like Phil Mickelson. But unlike, say, a 2-iron, the club is a cinch to use. The biggest key is practicing and playing with it to develop a feel for how high and far you can hit it, how it performs in rough or sand, and basically gaining confidence when you pull it from the bag.

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Sure, its one more wedge to consider on pitches and difficult greenside shots. But it wont take long to figure out your lob wedges attributes. If anything, its versatility will make club selection simpler.

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The difference between the average sand and lob wedges is at least 4° of loft and several degrees of bounce. That may not sound like much, but those degrees matter around the green. The sand wedge is definitely better suited to certain shots – hitting from soft bunker sand or thick rough, for instance – while the lob wedge is the best bet from hardpan or tight turf.