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Should I Load Up Behind The Golf Ball During My Golf Back SwingWeight transference during the golf swing is something which plays an exceptionally big role in a players ball striking or shot shape. It is also an area which 90% of golfers are actually aware of and work tirelessly to achieve good weight shift.

There are many theories about where the weight should be and at what point, and how much weight should be in any given place at any given time. At set up, the weight should be distributed evenly between the players feet. Once the back swing commences, the shoulders and hips will start to rotate and a small part of the body weight will follow.

It is important that the body weight doesnt transfer laterally but transfers through the rotation of the body. At the top of the back swing, the weight of the player should be slightly favoring the right foot. Try and get the weight on the inside of the foot to then push off from and initiate the down swing with the hips to drive through the impact area. The weight at the top of the swing should be approximately 60% favouring the right side. A player will know they have gone too far when the bodys weight is over the right foot and towards the outside of it. In this case, lateral movement would have occurred.

An issue with lateral movement is that the player now needs to transfer the weight back to the centre and then across to the left foot before the club reaches the ball for a downward blow into impact. This causes a poor transition from the back swing to down swing resulting in an inconsistent swing path and shot outcome.

Practise on the driving range by starting with your weight on the right side at address then from the top of the back swing, push on to the left foot using the bodys rotation. Be careful not to sway into the ball.

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The weight should be slightly favoring the right side of the player at the top of the swing, however, if all the body weight is there then the chances of being able to shift all the weight through the impact area will be small. Swing path, ball striking and power of the shot will all be affected.

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here are many golfing theories that no weight should go on the right side at all, and this can be true for some players as it helps them keep their weight on the left side at impact and into the follow through. Many players that keep the weight on to the left throughout the swing will struggle with ball striking as their attack angles will increase.

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Keeping the weight 50%-50% throughout the entire golf swing will not only be difficult to do but any player attempting to do so will suffer a severe loss of distance and potentially lose a good angle of attack into the ball.