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Should I Ever Chip From The Golf Putting GreenAlthough for the majority of the time you play golf, and were talking about a whole lifetime for most golfers, the only thing you will ever do on a putting green is putt.

But there have been instances when there is a real need to chip a ball that is on the green if you want to play your next shot towards the hole.

It will normally occur when you hit what looks like a good shot into the green and when you get up there you find the shape of the green cuts in and you have some rough grass, and sometimes a bunker between you and the hole. There will always be the option of playing away from the hole into the large part of the green, but you will be more likely to three putt this way. You could always take your chances and putt through all the different grasses towards the hole, you might get lucky but then again you might end up putting it into a bunker.

Once you have made up your mind to chip, you need to assess the distance you need your ball to carry from were you are on the green to the start of the green on the other side. This will then see you play a higher, floated shot or more of a chip and run type shot. Whichever way you choose to play the chip shot, you must have confidence in what youre about to do and commit to the shot, even if it means that you take a tiny, little divot. Make sure that any divot you take is replaced correctly to ensure the green is not affected.

One thing to bear in mind is that if your ball comes to rest on the green of a hole you are not currently playing then you must take relief. This must be the nearest point to the side of the green that is no nearer the hole that you are playing to as you are not permitted to play any shot off a green that is not on the hole youre playing.

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You may spend the whole of your golfing life without needing to chip when on the green, but you might need to if you want to play the ball directly towards the hole. This can be the most risk free way to play the shot you face should the circumstances dictate it, so you should never rule out the possibility

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If your ball comes to rest on the green of any hole other than the one that youre playing then you must not play the shot. The rule 25-3 states that you must take one club length relief from the edge of the green at the nearest point to where your ball is that is not nearer to the hole that youre currently playing. The penalty for a breach of this rule is loss of the hole in matchplay or two strokes in stroke play.

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There have possibly been many rounds of golf that you have started with a couple of straight forward missed putts, and even a few three putts too, but that isnt a good reason to suddenly abandon your putter and start chipping when youre on the green. Try to focus on the tempo of your stroke and the length you need to match the distance of your putt and you will see an improvement.