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How to Clean Your Clubs 2

Striking the golf ball cleanly is a critical factor in controlling the golf ball.

The only surface that the ball comes into contact with during the golf shot is that of the club face, therefore, the technology that you have invested in - your golf clubs - is not able to perform at peak levels and you are hindering your chance of shooting low scores. With clean golf clubs, better contact with the ball is made. The grooves on the golf club face should be clean as they are a channel that takes moisture, grass and dirt away from contact with the ball during the impact process. This lets a true contact occur as both the surface of the ball and the club face are dry and flat which produces true ball flight and more back spin which generates the lift and control a golfer needs.

Grass or dirt on the club face causes a dampening of the contact and reduces back spin as the club face cannot grip the ball meaning that distance and height is lost. In addition, dirt and grass create an uneven surface on the club face and so at impact can produce unwanted side spin or ball deviation meaning that the golf ball has an increased chance of flying off or curving away to one side or the other. Clubs with a dirty club face can easily cost you three to four shots at least during a round of golf. The only equipment you need to clean your golf club before and after each shot is a small wire brush to make sure the inside of the grooves are clean and a damp towel to wipe any dirt or grass from the surface of the club face.

This process takes seconds, far less time than having to take an extra three to four shots during your round of golf. Make a small difference and save easy shots by keeping your golf clubs clean throughout a round.

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Actually the tiniest piece of dirt can cause small amounts of spin that can make a huge difference to your golf shot when magnified by the speed that you swing a golf club. A tiny speck of dirt on a driver club face swung at a 100 miles an hour can make the ball deviate in the wrong direction by at least 10 yards - this could be a lost ball.

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In reality, clean golf clubs can save up to three to four shots during a round of golf. Even if a dirty club face only pushes the ball one yard off line, your resulting putt is now an extra three feet longer or you are in the bunker instead of on the green. All of these small amounts add up during a round of 18 holes.

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If your ball rises into the air there is back spin on it. Back spin is the only thing that gives the ball lift. A clean club face will produce slightly more back spin, giving the ball slightly more lift, giving you more distance and height. For no effort, gain more distance.