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Should I Consider Extending The Shaft On My Golf Driver To Hit Longer ShotsLonger drives can certainly make the golf course shorter and more accessible but those who strive to make the course shorter do so by making it narrower because the further you try to hit the ball, the more effort and swing speed you will need which lowers the level of your control.

If you can find more distance but maintain control of the golf swing and maintain good accuracy then that is the perfect outcome.

Be aware that when you are looking to extend your driver length, you are sacrificing some accuracy to gain the distance. Adding length to your driver can certainly help you increase the drivers swing arc which during the down swing will help the club head gradually increase to create more distance.

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Longer shafts can help a player increase the club head speed due to a wider swing arc therefore helping the ball to travel further. However, because the shaft is longer, the accuracy can be poorly affected

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Extending your driver can only help you with one aspect of your game – distance. It cannot help you with your swing path, making the ball draw or help you to hit more fairways. This can only be done through improved control and accuracy.

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A longer shaft in your driver will increase rather than decrease your swing speed. This is why the long drive competitors use shafts with an extra five inches in length compared with the average driver used by a club golfer. This length helps increase speed through the swing arc and you should hit the ball further.