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Is The One Plane Golf Swing The Best For Every GolferThe one handed practise drill is used at all levels of golf, from complete beginners having a warm up to pros trying to figure out how their body is rotating and to help with tempo and timing.

he main reason for the one handed swing drill is to help gain power in your shots by using more body rotation and not swinging the arms. If the body remains still and the arms act alone, the club will hit the ground with a steep angle of attack and when it doesnt it will swing through the impact area at a slower pace than if the body took charge. The one handed drill is used to encourage a wider back swing arc with the rotation of the shoulders from the takeaway and then the hips and torso during the back swing and down swing to help generate more speed and power for longer distances.

To do this drill, the player should adopt the normal set up and place one hand behind the back. The club should be gripped a little lower down for added control but the swing will be performed with the rotation of the big muscles, and try to maintain a straight left arm throughout the swing. This will help the player create a swing that feels as wide as possible. If the left arm bends then the rotation isnt strong enough and power is being lost.

One handed swings are also great for tempo because they allow the player to focus on body rotation rather than the arms. Most amateur golfers make their way to the top of the swing and then bring their arms down on top of the ball creating a steep angle of attack, poor weight transference with an undesirable swing path causing the ball to slice high to the right side.

With improved tempo and hard work on the one hand drill, the body movements can help flatten the swing and improve timing.

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If a player doesnt feel any body rotation during this drill then it is being performed incorrectly. If the left arm breaks during the swing then it is also lacking in rotation of the bigger muscles which is causing the left arm to take too much responsibility.

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The one handed drill can help keep the club flatter by using the body rotation to enable a one plane golf swing. The main purpose of the drill is to improve a players tempo and timing whilst helping improve distance by making the swing more efficient.

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If the body does not move during the practise drill then the left arm will bend during the swing and the clubs angle of attack will steepen causing the club to hit into the ground. The one handed drill will not help timing or distance this way.