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How Much Sand Should I Take For A Perfect Golf Bunker ShotStriking the ball with the correct amount of sand is critical to ensure you can control the distance that the ball will fly and roll from a bunker. A consistent amount of sand will allow for consistent distances.

At the point of impact the club should enter the sand around 2 inches before the ball and exit around 3 inches after the ball with a hollow divot shape, only around a inch deep.It is great to visualise an iphone sitting on the sand with the ball sitting on the screen. The golfer can then sweep the club under the iphone and lift the ball out cleanly.

Practice this drill by drawing a box in the sand about the same size as an iphone and place the ball in the middle of the box. Then hit a number of balls trying to take the precise amount of sand. You will notice your distance control improves dramatically.

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Trying to pick the ball cleanly from a bunker is a difficult task and can result in inconsistent strikes and poor distance control.

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Taking too much sand in the bunker will reduce the speed of the club hitting the ball and therefore will shorten the distance the ball flies. 12 inches is too much sand aim for 2 inches before the ball.

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Not the best advice in a bunker. Bunker shots are subtle delicate shots that need playing with the precise amount of power. Only very long green-side bunker shots or fairway bunker shots should be hit hard.