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How Can Knowing My Club Yardages Improve My Golf?Knowing your club yardages is really important for you in order to develop as a golfer. If you watch any of todays leading Tour Players play, they all know exactly how far they hit the ball with each of their clubs and they also know exactly how far the ball goes with each club on a full swing, three quarter swing and half swing.

You will see them consulting with their caddy and yardage book during their decision making process before they select the club to play the required shot with.

Knowing how far you strike the golf ball with each club not only makes the decision making process a great deal easier, but it also makes you a lot more certain and confident that your decision is correct. If you have this confidence, that you have the correct club in your hands to play the required shot with, you will be far more committed to your decision and as such be much more relaxed and swing far more confidently, producing a positive shot and positive outcome. Many mis-struck golf shots when out on the golf course, are due to lack of belief or commitment to the shot and decision that you have made. Improving your commitment will improve your golf and a great way to work on achieving this is to know your yardages.

In order to work out how far you hit each of your golf clubs, you want to create a yardage chart. This is simply a piece of paper with every club that you have in your bag on. Take this with you to the range and then hit between six and 10 shots with the same club. Work on making the same full swing, at the same tempo with every swing and notice how far the ball travels. If you are at the range, there will be yardage markers to help you with this. If you are at your practice ground then use a distance measuring device such as a Bushnell to help you. Take an average of six or more shots and write down on your chart that distance, next to the club that you used. Work through all of the clubs in your golf bag until you have an average distance for each of them.

When you go out on to the golf course, use the yardage markers that give you the distance into the green to work out the distance from the ball to the shot. Pace out the distance from the ball to the marker and also be aware of whether the markers are to the front or centre of the green. You can now work out the distance required for the shot.

To be even more accurate, you can use a distance measuring device when out on the course and this will give you a much more exact yardage for the required shot. From this you can then look at the yardage chart that you have created and select the correct club for the required distance.

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Golf is very much a mental game and a game of confidence. If you play with confidence and make a positive swing believing you can make the shot that is required, the outcome will be a positive one. Knowing how far you hit each of your clubs really helps with your decision making process out on the course, when you are faced with varying situations and helps you to be confident that you have made the right decision that you can commit to.

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Technique is only one element required to develop as a golfer. Taking a more complete view of your game, you need to develop areas of tactics, strategy, short game, mental approach, physical conditioning, your emotional and social well being and your nutrition. Knowing your club yardages can improve your game through improving your mental approach, tactics and strategy.

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Although hitting shots further than your friends may be impressive, the only thing that really matters is the score on the scorecard. Avoid trying to outdrive or compete with your friends in terms of shot distance.Instead use a club that you are comfortable with hitting the required distance.