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How Can My Feet Position Effect My Golf Stance?The way a golfer
positions their feet
can affect multiple aspects of the stance and the swing.

Firstly, foot position has a direct impact on how a golfer is aligned to the target. If playing a straight shot, the club face should be aimed directly down the target line and the body should be set parallel to this line. The way the feet are positioned will normally determine where the hips and shoulders aim also. The first thing a player should do is ensure that the feet are set at right angles to the target so the body aim runs parallel to the target line.

Secondly, foot position will affect the amount of stability a golfer has whilst swinging. If the feet are too wide then players will struggle to transfer their weight correctly. As a rough guide when playing iron shots, the feet should be positioned shoulder width apart to achieve the best results. When hitting drivers, the feet should be just over shoulder width apart. This extra width in the stance should allow a golfer to control the extra power which is generated when hitting a driver.

The position of the feet will also have a direct impact on a golfers angle of attack. If the ball position is placed near the back foot then the angle of attack would become steeper (the golfer would hit down on the ball more). If the ball position is opposite the front foot, the angle of attack will be shallow (the golfer would hit more up on the ball). It is because of this relationship that for shorter irons (which require a divot), the ball is placed towards the middle of the stance and drivers (which require a sweeping motion), have a forward ball position.
The feet are exceptionally important in helping groove a great golf swing. Spend some time focusing on their position for a more improved technique.

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Stance width is often one of the last things people think about when placing their feet, this can lead to problems within the swing. With most full shots the feet want to be shoulder width apart. When the clubs become longer (fairway woods and driver) the stance should become wider (outside shoulder width) to increase stability. If the stance is too narrow the golfer could unbalance, if the stance is too wide, freedom of movement is compromised.

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The feet should be set parallel to the target line, which in effect makes them aim left of the target. This may seem strange to some but the correct way to aim is to align the club face to the target (target line) and set the feet parallel to the target line.

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To help maximize and improve the range of motion the body has, the feet should not point straight forward. The left toe especially should be splayed outward to allow a better hip turn. The right toe should point forward, however, it can be angled slightly more outward to encourage a bigger back swing.