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How Can I Use My Golf Hybrid Club From Poor Liesf you are out on the golf course and you find your ball has come to rest in a poor lie, then a great club choice from this position would be a hybrid.

A poor lie will see the golf ball sitting down more than usual rather than sitting up on the top of the turf. This can happen when the ball finishes in a divot that has not been replaced, or when you have just caught the semi rough, or simply if you are unfortunate enough to find a slight hollow on the fairway.

The problem you face with the ball sitting down in a poor lie is that it is more challenging to hit a shot with a high trajectory. If the shot is hit low from the poor lie, then it does not gain height and therefore lands much earlier than a well struck shot and you do not achieve the usual shot distance that is required.

Playing a hybrid from this situation is advantageous as hybrids produce a high trajectory from the club face due to the design of the club head. As the hybrid has a larger club head than an iron, the weight can be positioned in it further away from the face. This results in the centre of gravity of the club head moving further back and away from the face, which produces a high launch angle off the club face and makes it much easier to get the ball up in to the air.
Provided you strike the golf ball well, the hybrid with help you to achieve shot height and with this, shot distance.

To achieve a great strike, slightly alter your set up position to encourage a downward striking action that will help you to play out well from the poor lie. Position slightly more weight on your front foot than usual by positioning your head to the left side of the golf ball (right handed golfers) and by positioning your hands forward of the golf ball as well. To do this, simply create a straight line from your left shoulder, down your left arm and then extend this down the shaft of the golf club.

This will set your weight slightly further forward than usual and you will make a slightly steeper swing than usual. This will allow you to generate a high club head position on your back swing and a steeper angle of attack on your down swing. The club head will strike down through impact, striking the golf ball and then the turf, giving you a clean, crisp strike from the poor lie.

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Whenever you are playing from a poor lie, the priority needs to be to get the ball into the air and moving forward towards the target as much as possible. Following this, if the lie is horrendous, use a lofted golf club. However, if you have a slightly poorer lie than normal, use your hybrid as this will give you a high trajectory from the club face and you will be able to hit a great golf shot from the poor position.

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Depending upon how poor the lie is, a hybrid can be a great choice of club to take. You will achieve a higher ball flight off the face of a hybrid golf club than you will with an iron, so if the ball is sitting down and looks difficult to get in the air, the hybrid will help you to hit a great trajectory and distance.

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If the golf ball is sitting down more than usual in a poor lie then a hybrid can be a great choice of club to play. The weight positioning in the club head of a hybrid is further away from the club face than in an iron and you will achieve a high flight. From a poor lie, this will help you get the golf ball into the air and moving towards the target.