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Answer How Can I Use My Smart Phone To Improve My Golf

Smart phones can have an immensely beneficial impact on your game and all golfers should welcome their introduction and availability.

Here is a list of just some of the benefits golfers can gain from investing in a smart phone.

Course Guides

Most Android and Apple devices are awash with apps to help with everyday life but some are very golf specific. There are a number of applications which can be used to give accurate readings on shot distance and course layout; an interactive course guide. These apps use satellite images and geographical plotting to identify where you are on a course and how far you are away to a specific target. This type of information can greatly improve shot selection and course management.

Recording Your Swing

As most people know who have seen their swing on video, it can have a transformative effect. Being able to look at your swing from different angles and identify faults can help improve technique quickly. Most smart phones are now equipped with high spec cameras which can capture the motion of a golf swing quite easily. It is always best to seek professional advice on swing changes and then use the smart phone to record your swing and see if the changes you are making are taking effect.

Taking Down Statistics

Recording statistics is something all top professionals do to identify strengths and weaknesses within their game and plan how to improve. There are now a number of golf specific apps which can help ordinary club golfers take down statistics on how they play very easily and without much effort. These apps are incredibly easy to use and can track your progress across a season or more to see the trends that appear in your game. It is only by identifying these trends and weaknesses players can understand what they need to work on.

Players can use their smart phone to help develop many aspects of their everyday life, including their golf.

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Although some golf clubs do remain stuck in the past, the rise and power of modern technology will continue exponentially. Many clubs now accept this and allow players to use mobile devices to better their game. Tradition is forged by new trend setters so dont be afraid to bring new technology and vision to this ancient game.

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This could not be more wrong. Using a smart phone in the way detailed above can help higher handicap golfers MORE than better players. High handicap golfers embracing modern technology will see their scores drop quickly.

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Although there is a cost to owning a smart phone their availability and price is much lower than it used to be. A very good smart phone can now be picked up for less than $100.