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How Can I Play My Golf Shots In A Strong Cross Wind?If you are in a strong cross wind, obviously, the wind is really going to influence the ball once it gets up into the air and off the ground and you have got to allow for the fact that the ball will be blown about by that strong cross wind.

Just as you would for a breaking putt if you were on a slope on the green, you would hit the ball or hit the putt more to the left, or the right of the target and then allow the slope to bring the ball back down and into the target. That is the principle you want to apply if you are playing in a cross wind.

If the wind is coming in from the left, so it is blowing left to right, you want to aim to hit the ball out to the left of the green, into the strong cross wind and then allow that wind to just blow the ball back into the target, so it lands on the green and close to the flag. Similarly, if it is blowing right to left, aim out to the right and allow for the cross wind. Once you have hit the ball to the right of the target, allow that cross wind to just blow the ball and curve it back into the target and into the pin.

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A ball that flies higher will be more effected by the wind which in turn will reduce the accuracy of the shot.

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If you aim straight at the pin and hit the shot so that it starts at the pin, that cross wind is going to get hold of the ball and move it further away from the flag. You have got to allow for the fact that the wind is going to move the ball in the air and depending on how strong the cross wind is, that will dictate how far left or right you need to aim, to allow the wind to move the ball. If it is a particularly strong cross wind, you might find that you are aiming left of the bunkers, left of the green, or right, depending upon wind direction and really seeing a lot of movement in the ball while it is in the air.

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If you try to hold the ball up against the wind this means you are shaping the golf shot and making it spin in the opposite direction to the cross wind. In a left to right wind, you would be trying to hit a right to left shot (a draw or hook) and vice versa. Doing this and achieving the correct amount of spin to counter the strength of the wind exactly is very difficult and makes it extremely hard to achieve accurate golf shots.