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How Can I Improve My Golf Swing Tempo?Golf swing tempo is something which is hard to teach because each of us has our own unique speed.

This is evident at all levels of the game but most of all at the elite level, where everyone hits the ball well but can have vastly different swing tempos. Contrasting swing tempos could be Freddy Couples and Nick Price, Colin Montgomerie and José Maria Olazabal, Ricky Fowler and Jimmy Walker. These players all hit the ball remarkably well yet have contrasting swing tempos.

To improve golf swing tempo, players need to find their own perfect speed. This can be achieved by attempting to match your speed to the way you live and approach life. For example, Freddy Couples is a notoriously laid back and calm character which he allows to feed into his golf swing. Arnold Palmer in his heyday was a gung-ho attacking golfer always on the move and this approach was mirrored in his everyday life.

After reflecting on how you want your golf tempo to be then pick a top golfer who best mirrors your desired tempo. Watch them play on TV, the internet, or even in person and then try to mimic their tempo. Copying a top players tempo is a great way to hone your own skill. People learn in many different ways but imitation is one of the best.
Finding your own swing rhythm will help you hit better shots more consistently.

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This is often one of the first thing golfers try when attempting to control their swing tempo. However, slowing the swing down to a crawl will usually lead to shorter shot lengths and poor timing when striking the ball. Find your true rhythm and not a forced slow one.

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Swinging the club quickly can work for some people, just as swinging the club slowly can work for others. However, most people will tend to find they lie somewhere in the middle of this spectrum between fast and slow. Practice swinging fast and practice swinging slow to test the limits of your tempo.

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Counting out the swing whilst hitting shots can work for some people but it can also force a false tempo on others. Imitating the top players with your desired rhythm is an easier way to go.