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How Can I Be More ConsistentConsistency is all about repeatability. The more repeatable your golf swing is, the more consistent your golf game will be. Focus on a handful of basic fundamentals to give your swing a skeleton for the rest of the swing to work around.

There are four keys points for consistency in the golf swing:

Set up:
The most important part of the swing. The main components are grip, posture and aim.
- Grip. Make sure whichever grip you have chosen is exactly the same every time and ensure the hands are nice and relaxed and stay that way during the swing.
- Posture. Slightly flexed knees and bending from the hips so that the spine is straight to allow the arms to hang straight down. Good posture is important for power, balance and your health.
- Aim. If you dont aim in the right direction then it is difficult to hit the ball in the right direction. Get yourself a solid pre-shot routine to ensure that your aim is perfect and that the whole body is aligned to work as one unit.

Back swing:
The most important factor in the back swing is that the shoulders need to provide the movement and power. These big muscles should coil around the spine creating a wide arc rather than the smaller muscles of the hands and arms lifting the club up into the back swing. A good drill is to always make sure that the shoulders turn so that the back faces the target at the end of the back swing.

A solid finish position ensures control and balance through the swing. Make sure to finish standing up straight, hands above shoulder height, chest at least facing the target and with nearly all of the body weight on the front leg.

Rhythm is an overlooked aspect by the golfer. It is critical to make sure that all of the working parts of the body and the golf club arrive at the ball at the same time. The back swing of a professional golfer take three times longer than the down swing. This means that a count of four beats ends on impact with the ball. Next time you are on the range count out a slow rhythm "1, 2, 3, 4" where the three beat hits the top of the back swing and the four beat is impact with the ball. Make sure that this count is equal for every club in the bag.

Get these four fundamentals correct and be more consistent than ever before.

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Just hitting more golf balls will not make you more consistent. Hitting golf balls reinforces your swing movements, you could end up rehearsing your errors rather than changing your technique which provides improvement.

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Playing more can lead to improvement, however playing more often will not necessarily change how you play. You may still make the same mistakes, just more often. Make sure to change the process of what you are doing and not just do the same thing over and over.

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New golf clubs will make a small difference to your game. New technology and having golf clubs custom fit will improve your scores. However, combine that with a change of how you swing the golf club and your scores will drop even further.