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Finish in Golf

In golf, the term “finish” refers to the completion of the golf swing. It is the final position that a golfer achieves after striking the ball. The finish is an essential aspect of the golf swing as it helps determine the accuracy and power of the shot. Let's take a closer look at what constitutes a good finish in golf:

  • Balance: A proper finish requires balance. Your weight should shift from your back foot to your front foot, and your body should be centered over the front leg. Balancing on one foot at the finish is a common characteristic of a golf swing executed with good technique.
  • Extension: The finish should showcase full extension of your body, especially the arms. This extension indicates that you have maintained a straight line from your hands, through your arms, and into your body. It shows that you have followed through completely with your swing.
  • Club Position: The club position at the finish is also significant. Ideally, the clubhead should be pointing towards the target in a straight line extension of the target line. This indicates that the clubface has made solid contact with the ball and has maintained control throughout the swing.
  • Posture: Your posture at the finish indicates your overall form and technique. Your spine should be straight and tilted slightly away from the target. This position helps to ensure that you maintain balance and have a complete follow-through in your swing.
  • Relaxed Grip: A good finish in golf also involves a relaxed grip on the club. Gripping the club too tightly can lead to tension in the swing, affecting your accuracy and distance. At the finish, your hands should be relaxed, indicating that you have not overexerted force while striking the ball.

It is important to practice and develop a good finish in your golf swing. A proper finish signifies that you have executed the swing correctly, generating power and accuracy. Here are a few tips to help you improve your finish:

  • Video Analysis: Record your swing and analyze it to see if you are achieving the desired finish position. Compare it with professional golfers and identify any areas for improvement.
  • Balance Drills: Incorporate balance drills into your practice routine. These drills can help strengthen the muscles required for maintaining balance throughout your swing, leading to a better finish.
  • Focus on Extension: Pay attention to the extension of your body and arms during the swing. Practice swinging through the ball and extending fully to achieve a better finish position.
  • Relax Your Grip: Ensure that your grip pressure is not too tight during the swing. Practice loosening your grip and maintaining a relaxed hold on the club throughout the swing.
  • Visualize the Finish: Visualize and mentally rehearse the proper finish position before each swing. This can help train your muscles to achieve the desired finish consistently.

Remember, a good finish in golf indicates that you have executed the swing correctly and is often associated with better accuracy, control, and distance. Incorporate these tips into your practice routine to develop a solid finish that can enhance your overall performance on the golf course.