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Golf Question: Which Are The Best Golf Statistics To Track To Help Me Improve?No matter how much golf you play or to what standard you play it, statistics will help you improve.

Good statistics can unlock previously untapped areas of potential which need to be practised in order to improve. For example, statistics could show that your best rounds occur when you miss more fairways to the left, or that your bunker scrambling stats are very low, or that you putt better after eating steak the night before!

Top professionals are normally obsessive about statistics and amateur golfers can also benefit. Players often struggle for motivation to practise because they are not sure what they should be working on; statistics can provide the answer. If you have a poor month of results, statistics of your round could highlight a number of areas which need addressing whether it is putting, chipping or driving.

With the advent of computer technology, the internet and smart phones, by far the best way to keep statistics is digitally. Using phone apps, software or even simple spreadsheets, golfers can easily highlight patterns. Often this is much simpler than using written notes which take constant cross referencing to glean any insight.

No matter which digital platform you use, the most important thing to do is keep inputting data regularly and honestly. To begin with it can be a little time consuming but golfers can rest assured it will be time well spent. After inputting the stats its important to cross reference all the data collected with scores. A scorecard might not have any pictures but it can hold a great treasure trove of information if used correctly. For example, you could cross reference a good score against statistics which show although the overall result was good, lots of drives were missed right of the fairway. This innocuous information could reveal that greens at your course are best approached from the right side enabling you to alter your aim the next time you play.

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Although the ability to drive the golf ball a long way is beneficial, it shouldnt be the only stat players focus on. First of all, driving distance is nothing without driving accuracy. However, depending on the course you play, good use of statistics could show long drives are not beneficial to your score and you would be better reducing the distance for more accuracy.

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The issue with hand written statistics is the ease of cross referencing data and working out percentages and ratios. Computer technology will do this automatically and save time and headaches.

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Unless you have an exceptional mind its impossible to remember all your statistics especially over the course of a season! Input the data as soon as possible after the round is completed whilst the information is fresh in your mind. Using digital statistics will help every level of golfer identify weaknesses within their game and hopefully help guide improvement.