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Golf Question: What Sort Of Poor Golf Shots Would Be Caused If I Have Too Strong A Grip?The most important aspect to a good golf game is getting the key fundamentals correct. These fundamentals help lead to long term consistency.

The grip is vitally important as its the only part of our body connected to the golf club therefore is the only part of our body which can control the club face to keep it straight through the impact zone.

A strong grip is common amongst amateur golfers as the right hand tends to be more dominant and they really want to grip it tight with this hand to give them control. To spot a strong grip a player will not be able to see any knuckles on their right hand and the palm of the hand will be facing the sky, rather than being able to see one to two knuckles and their palm facing more towards the target which would be a neutral position for a grip.

The most common shot as a result of a strong grip would be a low hook with an in to out swing path because the right hand rotates through impact closing and therefore de-lofting the club face. This much curvature on a golf ball can prove extremely destructive to your round as you spend most of your day on an opposing fairway or out of bounds!

Many golfers will stop using their wrists in order to keep the club face as straight as possible through impact because they are unsure of what is causing the ball to move from right to left. This will cause an extremely inconsistent shot shape and without the hands working through the golf swing, this will create a significant loss of distance.

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The most common golf shot amongst amateur golfers is the high slice so at least you are not alone! A strong grip will not cause a high slice, as the club is pointing to the left of the players swing path. If a player stops using the wrists completely, it can cause a push slice as the club face is now pointing right of the target line.

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A fat shot relates to the angle of attack both vertically or horizontally and/or swing path in which the club has approached the golf ball, a strong grip will have no bearing on this as the grip will only control the direction of the shot rather than the strike.

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A top shot can be caused by poor weight transference, not extending your arms through the impact zone or not being able to maintain your posture through impact. The grip has no bearing on this. So if youre topping the ball you can discount your grip for the time being!