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Golf Question: What Sort Of Poor Golf Shots Would Be Caused If I Have Too Weak A Grip?The grip is a key fundamental as its the only part of your body connected to the golf club, therefore, it is the only part which can control the club face to keep it straight through the impact zone.

To spot a weak grip, a player will probably see three to four knuckles on their right hand, rather than being able to see one to two knuckles with their palm facing more towards the target which would be a natural position for a hand to be in.

The most common shot as a result of a weak grip with an out to in swing path would be a slice because the right hand cannot rotate enough through impact to straighten the club face up, therefore leaving it pointing to the right with increased loft, throwing the ball high up into the air with a much less penetrating trajectory resulting in a big loss of distance.

This much curvature on a golf ball can prove extremely destructive to your round as you spend most of your day on an opposing fairway or out of bounds but worse still is that you seem to be 20 yards behind your playing partners!

Aiming left will not solve your slicing woes. This can send the ball further right as you then make the conscious decision to make sure you slice it! Take a look at your grip and strengthen it to increase your hand speed through impact. If your swing path is more out to in then at least you will be hitting pull shots and not losing too much distance.

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If there is an out of bounds left, you will be safe from it. The weak grip will not allow the hands to close the club face relative to the swing path to make the ball start left of the path and then curve further to the left.

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A weak grip will certainly take out the left side of the golf course even with an out to in swing path. The best possible outcome would be to pull the ball. This means you have managed to work your hands hard enough to straighten the club face up to the swing path so the ball can be hit with its correct loft, albeit left of target.

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A top shot can be caused by poor weight transference, not extending your arms through the impact zone or not being able to maintain your posture through impact. The grip has no bearing on this. So if youre topping the ball you can discount blaming your grip for the time being!