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Golf Question: What Is A Deep Faced Driver And How Will It Help Improve My Drives?A deep faced driver is a driver that has a bigger club face from top to bottom. Manufacturers have a legal volume limit to how big a driver can be which has been set by the Royal and Ancient (R&and the USPGA. This legal volume limit is 460cc. To allow for this size limit when making the clubs face deeper, the actual club head will look smaller when looking down at address. Overall the drivers volume will be the same but the face will be deeper and the depth will be shorter.

The reason for making a deep faced driver is so the manufacturers can move the centre of gravity (COG) in the driver higher and more in line with the sweet spot. The high COG in the head will promote a lower, less spinning trajectory on the ball. This will be a benefit to those players that tend to launch the ball quite high with too much spin.

Another benefit of a deep faced driver is to those people who have a tendency to sky the golf ball or top the golf ball. These miss strikes occur because you either hit too low on the golf ball and chop underneath it or hit too high on top of the golf ball. You will see whether you have skied the golf ball in the past as you will have scratch marks on the crown of your driver, and even taken a divot after the golf ball. If this is the case, a deep faced driver may help you in finding the middle of the club face more consistently. As you want to tee about half a golf ball just above the top of the driver face, the tee will need to be higher with a deep faced driver. This can then allow you to be able to sweep up on to the golf ball.

The better golfer seems to benefit from using a deep faced driver. Golfers who have lots of speed normally impart more backspin on the ball and the deep faced driver helps lower this spin rate. You will see most manufacturers produce two different models of driver heads, one with low COG and a more deep faced model with higher COG. So if you are a player who launches the ball really high with lots of back spin, go and try a deep faced driver.

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This is false. The Royal and Ancient and the USPGA have set rules to how big a driver can be. This size is the total volume of the driver club head, and manufacturers cannot produce any driver heads bigger than 460cc.

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This is false. When producing a driver, manufacturers have to abide by certain size limits set by the Royal and Ancient and the USPGA. The legal limit is 460cc so when a driver has a deep face the length of the top of the driver is always smaller so it is not any bigger than the legal volume.

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This is false as a deep faced driver face is longer from the top to the bottom of the club face. You usually find that on a deep faced driver the width from heel to toe is shorter to allow for the depth of the face to be deeper.