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Golf Question: What Is A Nine Wood And How Can It Improve My Golf Game?A 9 wood sits nicely in between a 7 wood and a 5 iron. It usually replaces your 4 iron or 4 hybrid. It has about 26 degrees of loft on the face, this can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The additional loft makes it easier to hit the golf ball in the air from a variety of lies, from the fairway, and also very effective from the rough. This 9 wood has the shortest shaft of all woods which can help you in achieving more control through the swing. With the shorter shaft, you will be able to find the sweet spot more consistently, resulting in more consistently struck golf shots.

The 9 wood is ideal for golfers who have a shallow angle of attack or find that they shank their irons.

If you are having problems when hitting either your standard 4 iron or 4 hybrid you should switch to a 9 wood. It has the ability to hit the ball high but at the same time gives you forgiveness without jeopardising distance.

Beginners might want to consider carrying an extra fairway wood such as the 9 wood. As a general rule, fairway woods are easier to hit further more consistently than long irons, especially for most beginners, recreational golfers and lady golfers.

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Do not get confused with the difference between a wood and an iron. A 9 wood does not replace your 9 iron, a 9 wood has 26 degrees of loft and will go a lot further and lower than your 9 iron which has 41 degrees of loft on the club face.

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The 9 wood can replace your 4 iron/ 4 hybrid but not because it goes lower. Some golfers tend to find hitting a wood a lot easier than an iron as the woods design helps the player launch the ball initially higher. Woods are also more forgiving on those off centre strikes.

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Although you will find a 9 woods trajectory is quite high, you will not be able to generate back spin from this club. This is because the 26 degrees of loft on the wood is too low to be able to do this.