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Answer Should I Adjust For Early Morning Moisture On The Golf Course

If you are an early morning player there will be regular times when moisture settles down on the course.

The moisture can throw up certain problems for the golfer to deal with. Any ball which lands on fairway with water clinging to the grass will instantly roll less distance. When hitting balls from the tee golfers need to take this into consideration and prepare to hit longer shots into the green.

In general, the ball will also fly less distance through the air during the early morning dew. Players need to understand they could be hitting an extra club for their approach.

When on the green, moisture lying on the grass can cause even more difficulties. When a green is wet, the ball will not take as much break as usual. On a 10 feet putt which normally swings two inches right to left at midday could not break at all in the morning causing a golfer to miss the putt right. Golfers need to remind themselves to play less break in these circumstances and hit the ball straighter at the hole.

The early morning moisture will also cause the ball to slow up quickly. This can be a problem on putts of all lengths. When hitting a long putt from across the green golfers need to allow for this slowing of the ball and could be forced to strike a putt very hard indeed. For some players, this could be disconcerting especially if they are used to playing in the middle of the day on dry greens.

The difficulties can continue as the day wears on. The moisture that was present throughout the morning will slowly burn away as the day warms up. Players need to also pay attention to this and hit the ball softer and allow for more break as the moisture fades away. This requires concentration and a careful study of the green before every putt.

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Early morning dew is no different than a sudden downpour. Every golfer has played after such as shower and should know what to expect.

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Although this will not aid players looking to increase distance, it will help players stop the ball quickly on the green. Hitting pitches and chips will almost certainly become easier to control on the damp greens.

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Because of the way the water clings to the ball as it rolls across the green, golfers need to ensure they allow for extra distance and play for less break.