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Golf Question: How Can The Position Of The Rear Leg During My Swing Affect My Golf Shots?The back leg plays an important role in the golf swing. It can certainly go unnoticed to the untrained eye but it helps provide stability as it takes most of the body weight when the back swing starts to coil.

Weaker golf swings tend to load the left leg too much during the back swing, causing the right leg to straighten which once the down swing starts can cause a poor swing path into the ball but primarily cause a lack of weight transference in the swing resulting in poor connections and loss of distance.

The job of the right leg during the back swing is to remain flexed and take the body weight as the hips and shoulders rotate to a full top of the back swing position.Once completed, the swing will start to uncoil with the right leg aiding the weight shift to the left side in time for a strong impact position. As the hips and shoulders are rotating back to the ball and continuing through impact, the right heel will begin to lift and rotate on to the toes in order to help and further the rotation through the ball. This movement allows the player to uncoil the body faster to create more velocity through the shot.

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The positioning of the right leg during the golf swing can only indirectly affect the direction of golf shots because it has more to do with the consistency of strike as its biggest influence is through weight transference.

From the top of the back swing, the right leg plays a vital role in helping the body quickly and efficiently transfer the weight to the left side so that at impact the majority of the players weight is there to aid a good angle of attack. If the right leg is inactive during the swing or has no weight on it at the top of the back swing then depending on how a player purposely swings the club, the weight will tend to transfer away from the ball causing a number of potentially bad outcomes with regards to strike. This can then have an effect on the direction of the shot even if the strike is good.

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There are an increasing number of new golf theories to help golfers improve, some are suited to ladies, older golfers or juniors, but most tend to stick with the classic methods of learning golf.

Other golf theories may argue that rotation and weight shift isnt vitally important so therefore the right leg isnt either. The right leg is, however, a vital component for weight shift to the top of the back swing and stability along with the bodies rotation and weight shift through impact.

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This answer isnt totally incorrect as pushing off from the right leg during the down swing will benefit weight transference and allow much more of the bodies weight to be present on the left side at impact. This movement can have a profound effect on a golf shots distance. However, the swing path and angle of attack will have the main impact on how far the ball will travel.