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Correct Golf Answer Vary the techniques used and practice

The rotation of the body through the ball is one of the most important movements in the golf swing.

It allows the power built up during the back swing to be transferred into impact and into a full flowing follow through. Some golfers do have difficulty in rotating through the ball without sliding their body to the left through impact. Although golfers want some natural weight transfer, sliding into the ball will cause the body to get too far ahead of the ball and normally cause a push to the right or problems with the strike.

As players reach the top of their back swing the hips should begin to turn and pull the body into the down swing. At the centre of the swing, the head should remain central. The shoulders on the back swing and the hips and body through impact should rotate around this one fixed point. If this is managed successfully the body will rotate and not slide into the ball. To practice this turn, use the following drill.

Box/bag drill

Take all your clubs out of your bag or procure a waist high cardboard box. When practicing at the range, place the bag or box just outside the left leg. The bag or box should rest a few inches beyond the left foot and rise about waist high. Golfers looking to stop the slide should practice swinging, keeping the head central and rotating the hips towards the target. If the body slides left, the hips will contact the bag or box giving instant feedback. Practice this drill until you can turn without hitting the box.

Not sliding into the ball when rotating is difficult but can be achieved by keeping the head central and practicing the above drill.

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On the back swing, the shoulders should take precedent and rotate around until they turn 90 degrees in relation to the target. The hips, however, should stay as still as possible to encourage coil between the upper and lower body. On the down swing, the hips should rotate faster than the shoulders.

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Although stacking the weight on to either the left or right foot throughout the swing could stop sliding, it will usually lead to other swing faults developing. Keep the body weight even between each foot and rotate keeping the head central.

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Swinging slowly when practicing could help players groove a better action but should not be taken out on to the course. The rotation of the body is essential for producing speed so should not be purposefully slowed down.