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Correct Golf Answer With controlled swing lengths

By far the easiest way to improve and practice distance control with wedges is to control swing length.

Achieving a solid set up and then swinging the club back and through the same length will greatly enhance your distance control. The first thing all golfers should do is nail down their pitching set up.

  • Unless you are trying to hit the ball high (front) or low (back), place the ball in the centre of the stance.
  • Because the swing is short in comparison with a full shot, the feet can be just under shoulder width apart.
  • Aim the club face at the target. Although you will be slightly closer to the ball because of the club length, keep the posture solid and defined.
  • Place 60% body weight on the front foot and press the hands slightly ahead of the ball, opposite the left thigh.
  • Set the feet and hips slightly open. This will pre-set a better hip turn through the ball.
  • The shoulders should remain parallel to the target line.

Once this solid set up has been established, golfers can begin to think about swing length. Swing length is often best determined by the position of the left arm and club shaft. Practice these different swing lengths using the above set up and practice your wedge distances.

Swing one – Swing the club away until the left arm and club shaft are parallel to the ground. Swing through to the same length, returning the hands just ahead of the ball at impact.

Swing two – Swing the club away until the left arm is parallel to the ground, let the wrist hinge the club upward until the shaft points at the sky. Swing through and repeat the swing length. The right arm should be parallel with the ground and the shaft pointing towards the sky.

Swing three – Swing the club away until the left arm reaches a three quarter swing length and the wrists have hinged 90 degrees. Repeat the same swing length through the ball.

These distinct swing lengths will give three different distances using the same club. They should be practiced and grooved before being taken on to the course.

The best way to improve distance control on wedge shots is to practice and groove different swing lengths.

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Hitting lots of shots on the practice range grooving the different swing lengths will allow a golfer to call upon the appropriate swing when necessary. Players should not fall into the trap of just hitting shots to targets using feel as this is likely to be inconsistent in pressurized situations.

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Golfers need to hold the club with enough firmness so it doesnt get flung into the air once a ball is struck. However, gripping on to a club tightly can cause tension to spread up the hands and into the body. The grip should be firm but relaxed.

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Hitting lots of balls practicing the pitching technique will not do a golfer any harm but they need to practice their pitching out on the course as well. Hitting pitches on the course is often very different than hitting balls on the range.