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How Can I Precisely Aim My Golf DrivesPre-shot routines are a huge part of a tour pros success on the golf course and also a huge downfall for the average club golfer. Many club golfers wouldnt know if they were doing the same before every shot and they would not know the impact that is has on the shots.

Each tour professional has their own individual pre-shot routine personal to them, set out in a way to increase their confidence levels and fully commit to their shot and club selection.

Aiming the golf shot is one of the most important aspect of a golf shot behind actually swinging and hitting the ball so the routine of setting up each shot on your target line needs to be precise and consistent.

If youre a player who likes to shape the ball from left to right and right to left each time you approach the ball, the set up will be different from the last. If you are a player who just wants to hit it as straight as possible, the club needs to be pointing at the target to give you this chance.

So what is the best way to set up for your driver? You should follow this process below as a guide and then add your own points to help your comfort levels.

  • Check the yardage of the hole, choose your club, check the wind direction and speed
  • Pick out where you want the ball to start/finish depending on the shot selection
  • Tee the ball up on the side of the tee which best suits your shape of shot and increase the angle of the hole. For example, if you are hitting a draw, tee up on the left side of the tee box so you can aim right.
  • Pick out something that is in between the target line and the ball no more than 12 inches from the ball. This will be to aim your club at.
  • Take your grip
  • For a straight shot, set your feet, hips and shoulders parallel to the target line
  • Get into a good posture position
  • Swing and win!

Some players put in some comfort movements such as a forward press, a club waggle or a few deep breaths which are more personal to them.

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Once you are in your posture, if you then stand up straight and look towards the target, you will look left of the target due to the change in shoulder angle and therefore re-adjust your alignment to the right of the target. Players with bad alignment will always end up with bad swings rather than just simply looking at their fundamentals and improving them.

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A player who first lines up their feet first will develop an inconsistent set up because the club will sit in different positions in relation to the feet from shot to shot therefore promoting different types of shot shapes and starting directions. The club is the most important aspect to get set up first, and then concentrate everything else.

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Considering where to set the ball up in relation to the tee will help a player who hits a particular shot shape as it creates more of an angle to the fairway. Players who think setting up in the middle of the tee will help them to hit the middle of the fairway are misguided because each tee box points in different places on each hole.