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Correct Golf Answer Use a high lofted club and a shallow angle of attack

There are numerous times during a round of golf when players will need to hit a high, soft wedge shot into the green.

Hitting this shot enables players to save par, make birdie and keep the big numbers off the scorecard. To hit a high wedge shot, golfers need to use a shallow angle of attack into the ball and present the clubs true loft at impact.

Use this following technique to hit a high wedge shot:

  • Select a high lofted wedge with a reasonable amount of bounce. The clubs loft will help lift the ball into the air whilst the bounce will stop the club from digging into the ground.
  • Place the ball in the centre of the stance. The ball should not be allowed to go further back than centre as the angle of attack will be steepened and a lower ball flight will result.
  • The club face should be aimed at the target as normal although the feet and hips can open slightly to pre-set an impact position.
  • After taking the stance, place 60% body weight on the foot and press the hands just forward of the ball. This change in weight distribution and hand position will cause a slightly descending blow creating back spin.
  • The swing away from the ball should be long and lazy. The exact length of the swing depending on the distance of the shot.
  • When striking through the ball players should feel they are skimming the club through and just bruising the ground after the ball.
  • To hit the ball high players should avoid striking down steeply on the ball.
  • After impact, ensure a full flowing follow through. Dont stop at impact and keep the swing speed up.

Hitting high wedge shots is a fantastic weapon and tool for golfers to possess, practice swallowing out your angle of attack and presenting more loft to the ball at impact.

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Striking down on the ball will create back spin and therefore stop the ball once it lands. However, to lift the ball high the club needs to swing through impact on a shallow angle of attack. If the clubs angle of attack is too steep, the dynamic loft at impact will be reduced and the ball will fly lower.

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Opening up the club face at address or impact will cause the ball to fly higher, however for a consistent strike and distance control golfers should try to keep the club face square to the target line. A square club face delivered on a shallow angle of attack will lift the ball high and get it to land softly.

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Another way to add loft to a shot is to lean back through impact but this will cause inconsistent ball striking. This is especially true of wedge shots. Golfers who lean back when hitting wedges are opening themselves up to the risk of hitting fat or thin shots.