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Correct Golf Answer Make a solid contact but prepare for an offline shot

Mud balls are an instantly depressing sight for golfers as they know the next shot could be wildly unpredictable.

The application of mud to any side of the ball will alter how it spins through the air. Big clumps of mud could cause wild hooks, slices and even cause shots to drop from the sky. Mud balls are incredibly unpredictable and even the best players in the world have difficulty understanding how the shot will pan out.

Mud balls occur when a shot lands on a damp piece of ground and collects mud when it pitches. When winter rules apply, golfers who find their ball caked in mud are often allowed to clean it and place it without penalty. However in the summer, golfers who are unfortunate enough to find a mud ball can use this technique to better control the next shot.

  • Set up – place the ball in the centre of the stance with your feet shoulder width apart. Alignment should be straight down the ball-to-target line with posture as normal.
  • Place about 60% body weight on the front foot and lean the shaft towards the target so the hands are ahead of the ball opposite the left thigh.
  • Swing the club away long and smooth keeping the body weight 60% on the front foot (dont let the body weight drift back away from the ball).
  • The back swing should be three quarters in length, with the club shaft not quite reaching parallel to the ground. The swing should be a ‘punch through the ball.
  • Drive down and through the ball again keeping 60% body weight on the front foot ensuring a downward strike.
  • At impact the hands should be ahead of the ball opposite the left thigh.
  • The follow through like the back swing should be three quarters in length.
  • Because the swing is abbreviated the ball will not fly as far through the air when compared to a normal shot. This should be taken into consideration when selecting which club to hit.
  • This punching technique will help ensure a solid contact with the ball and help mitigate any side spin caused by the mud.

Mud balls can be a nightmare for golfers and are often undeserved but focusing on a good strike can increase the chance of a successful shot.

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Whenever you hit the ball harder the spin imparted on the ball will increase. When there is a large amount of mud on the ball this spin could take the ball somewhere you dont want it to go. Focus on striking the ball well and punch in towards the target.

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The best players in the world with vast experience will have trouble predicting a mud ball. Try to focus on hitting the ball with your natural shot shape or straight at the target.

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Although the mud is hard to predict this shouldnt mean golfers ignore it all together. Use the above technique to help improve consistency.