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Correct Golf Answer Take less sand

When hitting shots from a bunker, producing a high amount of spin will give a golfer more control over the ball.

However, hitting a spinning bunker shot can be risky as it involves taking less sand, enabling the club to interact more with the ball. Coupled with taking less sand, golfers need to ensure they use a lofted club and maintain a high swing speed. The faster a player swings, the more back spin they will produce; the extra distance, however, needs to be taken into account.

The easiest way to produce back spin from a greenside bunker whilst maintaining control over the ball is to adapt a normal splash shot technique.

  • Use a lofted wedge (such as a sand wedge) and open the club face slightly. This will add loft to the club and allow the ball to stop quickly. Open the club face before taking the grip.
  • Hold the club a little nearer the shaft for added control and firmly with the back two fingers of the left hand which will help keep the club face open through impact.
  • Because of the open club face the body must also be opened to the target. Bring the body around to the left until the leading edge of the club points at the target.
  • The ball should be positioned just forward of centre in the stance. This should allow the club to enter the sand just before the ball.
  • The swing should be full and smooth and feature a full wrist hinge. This hinging of the wrists will help a golfer hit into the sand before the ball.
  • To generate a high amount of spin whilst not losing control of the club, players should look to enter the sand no more than an inch behind the ball.
  • Acceleration is vital and golfers need to ensure they dont decelerate through impact. This will lead to fat shots.
  • One way to check that the acceleration has been maintained is to check the follow through. Golfers need to check and ensure the through swing is full.

Getting more spin from the bunker is not easy and requires practice but taking less sand with more club head speed should ensure the ball reacts more once it hits the green.

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As soon as players begin to take more sand, the less the club face can interact with the ball. Golfers should focus on taking less sand not more.

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Hitting down on the ball and producing a clean strike (ball first then sand) can produce a vast amount of back spin. However, it will be uncontrollable from around the green. Hitting the ball cleanly should only be attempted from more than 30 yards from the green.

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Swinging softly through impact will decrease club head speed which in turn will kill back spin. Ensure that the club accelerates through the ball.