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Answer How Can I Best Play A Hole With A Centre Line Bunker

Centre line bunkers are placed in the middle of fairways to force golfers into a choice.

On one side of the bunker, which will be within drivable range, the fairway will be wider and safer but normally provide a longer shot into the green. On the other side of the bunker the fairway will be narrower but the second shot into the green will be much simpler. It will give the golfer a chance to decide whether to stick or twist, take a risk or play safe.

Centre line bunkers are normally deep and treacherous providing a real hazard for players. They will gobble up any loose or indecisive shots and make par an unlikely score. Sometimes there could be several stretched across the fairway to really force the issue. Golfers hitting a tee shot down a hole featuring a center line bunker must make a choice and commit to the shot.

The choice depends on a number of factors such as how well you are striking the ball that day with the driver, your position in the match, the potential rewards/punishment and course conditions.

Play the hole out in your mind on the tee, where you want the ball to go, where the green and hole is cut, what score you need, what club is best to hit from the tee to achieve this goal. The reason this is so important is because any second thoughts you have stood over the ball will generally lead to an errant shot into the center line bunker. If you are not confident of hitting a solid shot down either side of the center line bunker, another option would be lay up short of all the danger with either an iron or fairway wood.

Players should always have a clear plan of how they want to play a hole featuring a center line bunker.

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The reason course architects place center line bunkers in the middle of the fairway is so the golfer must make a choice. They make sure the dangers are real and will not favor the gung-ho approach. Take your time, select your shot and choose wisely.

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Centre line bunkers are distinctive and will cause any golfer to do a double take. As you look different options and risks/rewards will become apparent. You should be able to identify a hole which features this distinctive bunker.

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Many players dont like them and feel they unfairly punish straight driving. Dont look at the center line bunker this way. Think of it as a challenge and a way to hone your course management skills.