Center-Line Bunker Term


In golf, a center-line bunker is a sand bunker strategically positioned in or near the middle of a fairway. Its placement forces golfers to make strategic decisions regarding their shot and target selection.

When faced with a center-line bunker, golfers have to assess the situation and choose how to navigate the hazard. They can decide to play their shot to the left or right of the bunker, aiming for a safer side of the fairway. Alternatively, they may choose to take a riskier shot by attempting to clear the bunker and continue on a straight path down the fairway.

The presence of a center-line bunker adds a strategic element to the hole, requiring golfers to consider their ball placement, shot accuracy, and risk tolerance. It can create additional challenges and potentially impact the golfer's course management and scoring strategy.

Managing the center-line bunker effectively often involves evaluating the golfer's skill level, distance capabilities, and the potential rewards and risks of each shot option. Factors such as wind direction, hole layout, and hazards beyond the bunker also come into play when making a decision.

It's worth noting that the specific placement and characteristics of center-line bunkers can vary from course to course. Golfers should always assess and adapt their strategies based on the unique challenges presented by each hole and golf course they play.

Center-Line Bunker: A sand bunker that lies in or near the middle of a fairway, forcing the golfer to choose a target left, right, short or over the hazard.


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