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Golf Question How Can Aiming At The Middle Of The Green Improve My Golf ScoresWhen hitting approach shots into the green, many golfers can become sucked in by pins they should leave alone.

Green keepers and course planners are rarely lazy with pin placements and will attempt to lure golfers into attempting difficult approach shots throughout the round. Normally these difficult pin placements are located behind bunkers, tucked into tricky positions near water hazards or to the outer edges of the putting surface where a miss on the short side would leave a very difficult chip.

Many players would benefit from hitting all their approach shots from outside 100 yards at the middle of the green. Although many people would see this as defeatist and negative, it can greatly improve scores.

By taking out dangerous approaches and focusing on the heart of a green, the amount of greens hit in regulation should increase. As the greens are found more and the hazards and rough less, it then becomes a putting game.

If amateur golfers are unsure about this approach, all they have to do is watch a top professional play on a difficult course during a major championship. The amount of pins they actively play away from is startling, as is the conversations they have with caddies about where on the green they want to leave their approach to give the best chance of holing a putt.

The top professionals realize that constantly attacking the hole will not always lead to lower scores. This approach is also useful as it takes a lot of pressure away from the approach shot. Rather than attacking a well protected pin surrounded by danger, a golfer has the heart of the green to aim for and the amount riding on the shot decreases.

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If players consistently hit the middle of the green there is no guarantee that the hole will be close by! Hitting the middle of the green takes away the chances for a really big blow up hole. To make birdies with this approach, players will have to putt well.

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As many players will understand from years of playing, the pin in not often located in the middle of the green. The biggest challenge with this approach is to stay disciplined and only focus on hitting the middle of the green.

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Top tour professionals will often play away from tough pin positions in order to be safe. However, after years honing their skill and discipline, they can correctly decide which pins to go for. It is not a blanket approach either way. Use good mental skills and fortitude to go for the middle of the green and improve scores.