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Golf Question How Can Aiming Slightly Right Improve My Golf Back Swing TurnAchieving a successful back swing turn is important as it allows a golfer to build up not only power but a successful sequence of body movements. The back swing turn consists of a number of different movements. Here is a simple guide to what the body should be doing as the club moves away from the ball.

During the back swing, the hands move first and begin to take the club away from the ball.

  • Next the arms, then the shoulders, then the torso, then the hips and finally some movement in the legs, knees and feet.
  • At the top of the swing, the shoulders should be turned until the middle of the back faces down the target line.
  • Because the shoulders move first in the sequence they turn more than the hips.
  • For someone of average fitness and flexibility, the shoulders turn almost twice as much as the hips during the back swing.

Unfortunately, many golfers lack the power and flexibility to enable them to turn this far during the back swing. This is where aiming right can help.

If a golfer aims more to the right with the body they become pre-set into a semi-rotated position in relation to the target. It effectively gives the body a head start. From here many players will find it easier to rotate the body away from the target and complete a fuller turn. People need to be aware that that ball flight could as a result start more right unless compensations are made with the club face.

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Because of the altered body alignment, the hands are more likely to move inside the target line, therefore the sensation should not be exaggerated too much.

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During the golf back swing technique, the lower body should retain its strength and stability. If the hips turn too much along with the shoulders, the sequence of an effective down swing will be hard to achieve. The hips should only turn half as much as the shoulders.

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Unfortunately, if your body is overly stiff then the best remedy is lots of stretching and exercise. The change of aim will allow a better turn but for real flexibility, players need to work on their body. Aiming the body right is a quick fix to help achieve more body turn.