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Can Releasing The Golf Club Change The Distance Of My Golf Shots?Releasing the golf club through impact will improve the overall distance of shots.

Correct club release, or club rotation, when hitting the ball can increase the overall power generated.
This power is then transferred into club head speed and distance.

Release occurs when the club face rotates through the ball as the hands and forearms cross over. It is a movement similar in most hitting sports when both hands are on the handle; baseball and tennis are two examples. If the club is deliberately held off or not released then the amount of power generated can be drastically reduced. Releasing the club is also important as it allows the club face to rotate and become square with the target line at impact. Use this drill to help groove a better release.

  • Using a lofted iron like an 8 iron, set up to the ball with a normal stance and posture. The club face should be aiming at a target and the body should be parallel to the target line
  • Just before swinging, withdraw the right foot, moving it back about one foot. As the right foot moves back let the body follow. This movement will cause you to aim 30-40 yards right of the target
  • Because your alignment will be so far right you will forced to over-release the club. This means the club face will rotate extremely quickly through the impact area. If successful, a big draw should be produced with an extra boost in distance
  • After impact, the right forearm should rotate over the left. This is a key indicator of release

Use this drill when practicing at a driving range and on the course to see if the release improves both distance and the shape of your golf shots.
All golfers should ensure they practice and groove an effective release to increase power and accuracy.

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Although too much of a release could cause a destructive hook, the amount of power will increase exponentially the faster the forearms rotate throughout the swing. Although a quieter release will help square the club face at impact, a very fast release will cause a faster swing speed.

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For a hook to occur the club face will have to rotate excessively through impact but if timed correctly can create the perfect balance of accuracy and distance. As a check point, when the club rises through impact the toe of the club should point towards the sky when the shaft reaches parallel with the ground.

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A correct release should deliver the club into impact square to the target line and not decrease either loft or launch. It will, however, increase power.