Release Drill Will Get Your Putts Rolling On

Is your putting follow-through as long as or longer than your back-stroke, or does the putter head stop moving soon after you contact the ball?

If you tend to quickly stop the putter, you probably miss a lot of putts short and/or to the right of the hole. That’s because you’re not properly releasing the blade by allowing the right hand to roll gently over the left and square the clubface at impact. A tell-tale sign is when your hands remain ahead of or level with the putter head at the finish, instead of the head passing the hands.

Failing to release the blade robs you of both direction and distance control, and can cause you to miss putts from close range. Here’s an easy drill to ingrain a correct putting motion; instructions assume you grip the club in a conventional style, with the right hand (for righties) below the left:

  • Assume your normal putting setup, with only your right hand on the grip.
  • Place your left hand on your right biceps and hold it gently.
  • As you stroke putts, the putter head should pass your right hand after contact.
  • Let your right arm flow naturally into the finish.

Hit a series of mid-length putts using this method, then try a few with both hands on the club. You should feel the right hand moving freely through the ball rather than stopping on impact.

Master this technique and your putts will roll straighter and more smoothly.