long putt spot

Greens with large slopes give many golfers nightmares, especially when the greens are running fast. Sometimes, putts as short as 3-5 feet can break six inches or more, while longer putts may curve several feet on their way to the hole. 

In these situations, it’s always wise to play a little more break than you think necessary. Because the ball will begin rolling downhill once it reaches the break’s apex, it will move somewhat faster. Also, a putt that approaches from the high side – aka the “pro side” – has a better chance of toppling into the cup. 

On putts across severe slopes, determine the high point of the break; in other words, the spot where the ball will begin rolling toward the hole. Identify something visible, such as a discolored grass patch or repaired pitch mark, on or near the high point and aim to roll the ball over it, with the proper speed to carry it to the hole.