Pendulum Putting Stroke Grip End Points at Belly Button 1

There’s a reason the belly putter is so in vogue among professional and amateur golfers these days: Anchoring the club to your midsection enables you to make a perfect pendulum-type stroke.

Of course, with the USGA and R&A ban on anchoring taking effect in 2016, you may think twice about adopting the method. That doesn’t mean you can’t use your belly to ingrain a pure pendulum motion, though.

With a regulation-length putter—or any putter that doesn’t reach your tummy—the idea is to point the butt end of the grip at your belly button from address to finish. At each position in your stroke, no matter how short or long, this grip-to-belly-button relationship should hold true.

Tiger Woods, arguably the greatest putter in history, practices this technique. In doing so, the putter arcs away from the ball in the same way the club does on a full swing, then arcs back on the same path. The through-stroke is a mirror image of the takeaway.

Of course, plenty of great putters would fail the grip-points-to-belly-button test. In fact, many tour pros lead the through-stroke with the left arm, keeping the blade more squarely aligned with the target with minimal “release” of the right hand. Golfers who employ the method advocated by putting guru Dave Stockton do not point the grip at the navel.

In other words, a flawless pendulum stroke isn’t the be-all, end-all of putting styles. But if you can successfully point the butt of the grip at your belly button from set up to finish, you’ll make a whole lot of putts.