Make More Putts With the Gate Drill

Every golfer wants to become a better ball-striker with the woods, hybrids and irons. Seldom do you hear anyone extol the virtues of hitting putts purely.

Nonetheless, rolling putts consistently on line requires solid contact. And while that may seem easy to accomplish given the slow, short nature of the stroke, few golfers find the putter’s sweet spot time after time.

If your putter approaches the ball on too much of an inside or outside path, you may strike it on the heel or toe. Playing the ball too far forward or back in the stance can equal contact too low or high on the blade.

The putter “gate drill” will improve your putting contact (and effectiveness):

1. With the putter behind the ball as at address, stick two tees in the green an inch outside the club’s toe; the tees should be a few inches apart.

2. Set two more tees an inch from the heel, so that the four tees form a box around the putter and ball.

3. Beginning with short putts, stroke the ball without hitting the tees.

If you contact any of the pegs, you’ll know your stroke is off in one direction or another. When you can consistently hit the ball without touching the tees, your path is golden.

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