Thomas Golf custom made long putters have become increasingly popular with both amateurs and pros over the last few years. The long putting style is helpful for golfers who have back pain when they bend over a traditional putter. The long putter delivers more of a desirable pendulum motion to your stroke, due to its length.

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TG long putter TG long putter TG long putter TG long putter

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Golfers suffering from the dreaded “yips” often benefit by switching to the so-called Long Putter. That’s a big reason these clubs have become so popular among both amateurs and professionals.

As the name suggests, long putters feature a lengthier shaft than either conventional or “belly” putters. Generally measuring 48-52 inches, the long putters actually work best on short putts. It’s been credited with curing many cases of the “yips” – an affliction causing golfers to miss putts of 3 feet or less – when all else has failed.

What makes the long putter so effective? When anchored to the sternum, the putter encourages a pendulum-like stroke that eliminates hand and wrist action, a key cause of “yips.” (Long putters are sometimes called “broomsticks” due to this sweeping motion.) In fact, it’s nearly impossible to make a quick, jittery stroke with a long putter.

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While the long putter may be gripped with the hands together in the traditional manner, many prefer to separate the hands on the shaft, anchoring the top hand against the body while guiding the club with the bottom hand.

Long putters are commonly recommended for golfers with back problems, since the added length promotes a more upright posture.

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