Open Stance, Free Wrists on Long Putts 1

Do you know how often you three-putt during an average 18-hole round?

Unless you’re a pro, probably between two and four times. That’s not only wasted strokes, but added frustration that can adversely affect the rest of your game—nobody walks to the next tee smiling after a three-putt.

Short-game guru Dave Pelz recommends a couple of simple steps to improve your lag putting, the key to three-putt avoidance.

  • Open your stance and stand more upright: When setting up over the ball, stand slightly closer to it than you would for a shorter putt. Next, open your left (lead) foot a few inches to the target line. Both measures will help you better gauge the line and distance while enabling you to make a longer, freer stroke.
  • Let your wrists work: On short putts, you want as little hand and wrist action as possible. From long range, however, allowing them to hinge on the back-stroke and follow-through will enhance your feel and provide a touch of extra “hit.” Amateur golfers notoriously leave their lag putts well short of the cup.

There are few easier, quicker ways to lower your scores (and your blood pressure) than cutting down on three-putts. Try these tips and watch that handicap drop.