Thomas Golf AT12 Traditional-Length Putters Review

The Thomas Golf AT12 putters retail for $99 each and they feature an advanced hosel free design, together with the familiar red aluminum striking plate insert, aimed at providing better feel, and the unique dual sight lines for helping you with alignment during your strokes. Due to its heavy weighted blade head, the Thomas Golf AT12 is created for golfers seeking truer roll and extra control, making for a stainless steel made heel shafted putter boasting a beautiful black stealth finish, which is also highly durable and reduces glare. Thanks to its weight, the Thomas Golf AT12 promotes the body’s ideal pendulum motion during your strokes, as it allows you to use the larger muscles in your body in the process.

To provide you with better feel, the putter face uses a high grade CNC milled red aluminum insert, while the strategically positioned dual sight lines will make sure your head is positioned optimally during the putt. In order to maximize feel and control, the Thomas Golf AT12 comes with a hosel free design, while its relatively heavy head (400 grams) promotes better tempo and minimize the yips that may appear on shorter putts. It’s worth mentioning the Thomas Golf AT12’s alignment guide, that works perfectly, with the red insert boosting confidence as it frames the ball beautifully, while its sheer weight makes it extremely effective from off the green.