Thomas Golf AT40 Traditional-Length Putters Review

The Thomas Golf AT40 Traditional-Length Putters retail for $129.99 each and they’re built using a soft carbon steel for delivering superior feel. The company used unique dual-sight lines for better target direction and the putters feature polar heel to toe weighting, aimed at reducing head twist when it comes to off center hits, which translates into improved accuracy. Dubbed “the Dream Putter”, the Thomas Golf AT40 is a very customizable piece of golf gear, and features a one-piece construction, a high-end design and excellent performance, making for a precision instrument to be used on the golf course to deliver uncompromising control, feel and performance.

The Thomas Golf AT40 Traditional-Length Putters was inspired by tour players’ personal statements and boasts a state of the art Shot-Peened Champagne Chrome Plating and a very refined design, with each putter being custom built to fit one’s build, hand size, personal height, loft and lie specs. While regular putters use a two-piece construction, with the separate head and hosel being welded together, the Thomas Golf AT40’s one piece technology uses one piece of solid steel to create the entire putter head and hosel, thus eliminating the disadvantages of welding; the thing about welding is that high-heat applied to the components during the welding process distorts the characteristics of the metal, making for an inconsistent structure which produces variations of sweet and dead zones that vary in location from club to club. If you’re looking for a meticulously crafted putter featuring a diamond milling on the face and a high end CNC finish to maximize face flatness and balance, a high end looking and feeling piece of golf gear at an affordable price, this baby has your name on it.