TaylorMade Spider Mallet 2.0 putter
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    Increased stability with a high MOI:
    The Taylormade Spider mallet 2.0 putter has a high MOI mallet shaped head, 3874. That gives better twist resistance and greater control of the putting stroke. The standard specifications of each putter include a 3° loft and an angle of lie of 70° on shaft lengths of 35 and 38 inches. The shaft is mounted on the heel of the mallet shaped head and leans back gracefully before straightening out. There is not a definite bend in the club shaft. Along with the high MOI and the counterbalancing, these putters have 50% more stability than would normally be seen in a putter of this shape and size. The Pureroll Surlyn insert on the striking face of the putter means that the ball starts a pure roll sooner with any skidding minimised. The ball remains in contact with the green and won't skip or hop over the surface. A soft feel and sound comes from this insert that is milled to perfection with precision tooling. Add the alignment tools to this insert and you can be more confident of sinking putts of any length as they line up to pin and roll smoothly on their way.

    By using a counterbalance in the putter the stability of your stroke is increased and this gives you more control over direction of the ball as well as more distance control. This can be an ideal club for players who have trouble sinking shorter putts and controlling the distance. The counterbalance means you get a better follow through with each putt. The black and white color scheme is new and adds a sleek and professional look to the putters. The perpendicular alignment line is contrasted in white from the black mallet head of the putter.