Scotty Cameron Futura X putters

    Futuristic appearance for better putting:
    The Scotty Cameron Futura X putter range show precision milling, heel toe weights under the face of the putter adding stability in a high MOI design. All models are made with a loft of 3° combined with an angle of lie of 70° that cab customised +/- 1° for loft or +/- 2 ° for lie angle. Standard shaft lengths are 33, 34 and 35 inches with the DB models extending from 36 inches to 38 inches with further customisation in half inches on ordering. All putters have a solid feel with a variety of head shapes to choose from.

    The Futura X putter has a mallet head with a high MOI, perimeter weighting, deep balance bar and a double bend in the shaft. Futura X 5 and XR 5 have a winged back mallet shaped head with a single bend in the shaft. The Futura X 5 has an angled mallet head and the Futura XR 5 has a rounded mallet head. The Futura X DB has a double bend shaft, a full off-set shaft and a Dual Balance grip whiles the Futura X5 DB has a single bend shaft, full off-set shaft and a Dual Balance grip. Other models also have a fully off-set shaft and come with the Matador Mid grip as a standard. All putters have a toe flow at minimum.

    All Futura X putters are made for precision putting with a soft sound and feel with alignment tools for better putting. The horizontal and vertical lines mean you will be sinking more putts and becoming a more confident putter and playing a better game of golf.